The Xti are a race of winged humans who has natural powers to manipulate subatomic particles, atoms and compounds in space (Not outer space, just space in general). Though, a very advance race, they remain on their colonies and refrain from advancing, for they fear a contact might spark many conflicts. Their fear was realized when the Alimbic fa Jurios, a race that they encountered in their familiar space, declared war on them. They look extremely similar to bird Ilets, and it's almost impossible to visually tell them apart. A few scientists hypothesize that Xti were once bird Ilet in the same predicament as the humans are in as of present; near extinction (possibly by the Evoknights). Their documents claim they, too, could have obtained "superpowers", and their race eventually rose from the ashes and back into power over the centuries, and their "superpowers" were being passed down from those genetically mutated Ilets. Of course, the farfetched thesis has recieved barrages of criticism from all over the galaxy, especially from the Xti and Ilet themselves.


Kateson Longhollow

Zealot Bloodraider

Caedas reu Qolios

Ram Neilson

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