Vinha Iron Corporation was founded by a human-Chromakan hybrid by the name of Dean CraigWais. This corporation researches new technology and designs as well as improving the existing ones related to spaceship technology. They also use their research to manufacture the improved starships. Their prices are often high when it comes to brand new designs that they have developed, but are willing to provide new pilots with new spaceships created from old designs, mostly frigates though that could only use 4 AU hyperdrive at best.

Spaceship Designs

Atlantis-class battlecruiser

Primal-class battlecruiser

Vegence-class Heavy Interdicter

Creaon-class Combat Ops Cruiser




Dean CraigWais


The Vinha Iron Corps., or VIC as old and new pilots prefer to call them, have many connections, both legal and underground. They are suspected to have ties with the Hunter's Trade Union, providing them with spaceship and weaponary, but it hasn't been proven, and that many of their prototype has been used during UWUC-Terorae war.

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