Varsia is a planet with 90% of the surface being water. The climate is odd, consisting of only summer and winter, where in the summertime it is tropical but in winter it is artic and the waters are mostly frozen. What land there is made up of beaches during summer but freezes during the winter into a desolate waste land.



Varsia is a water planet, that changes seasonal. It only has two season that each take up a portion of the year. Their 'winter' being the longest and their 'summer' being the shortest. During their summer, most of the water disappears, revealing large and lush land masses that are usually islands, though once winter rolls around, storms cover the land back up with a downpour of water, forcing the Protokin's back under the water. During the winter, most of the animals hibernate, or adapt to the cold.




The law of Varsia is very strict as often, the Protokin people will have to live in incredibly close quarters. Because of this, they needed a set of laws that would satisfy all walks of life to prevent any conflicts from arising or rebellions. To start with, Varsia has absolutely no monarch, no president, no emperor, no dictator. No one is the head. Everyone is treated fairly and allowed to give their ideas in the public assembly. Things are voted on through a poll during the public assembly, and each person is given a few minutes to answer each question. Before they are allowed to vote, they are given the chance to discuss on what their plan of action should be.



Because of their planets seasonal pattern, the Protokin's often don't get the sustenance they need from vegetables or meat seeing as all of the animals are hibernating.







Genu Island

Cooperio Island

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