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Nickname: None
Species: Ilet-Bird
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Abilities: None
Status: Alive
Birth Date: July 9th
Affiliates: Gertragian Loyalists

Jinx, the prankster princess of the Ilets. While only twelve years old, she rules over part of Gertragia, but her leadership is largely questioned and as brought the planet into a civil war.


Jinx is bashful but often sleepy. She never gets embarrassed but sometimes tries to embarrass others. She tends to talk in an odd manner and is very philosophical. She likes to help people get through their problems, the ones not caused by her, like a counselor. Though she sometimes likes to use her “luck” to interfere with the people around her.


Jinx was born thousands of years ago on Ilets Earth and the heir to the Ilet throne. Right before the mutation pandemic hit she got sick with an odd disease that cure was unknown. She was frozen using a type of cryogen. Her parents, the king and queen, took her frozen body with them when they fled Earth. She spent a really long time frozen, until a modern Ilet doctor found a cure in a plant on Gertragia . She was unfrozen and healed from her sickness in only a matter of days. She was technically the rightful heir to the throne, but she chose not to take charge. She instead wanted to explore the new world and universe. She found out she had a kind of “luck” that’s sort of like a curse after she was cured. Not really a curse, so to speak, because sometimes it brings fortune, but mostly bad things to those she meets. That’s how she earned her name Jinx the Prankster Princess. That’s what she also started to call herself, since she couldn’t remember her own name after being frozen so long. Though not the queen of the Ilet, she is the representative on the UWUC council.

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