Military ground forces are the backbone of every single military. They include everything with that requires ground to move, whether it be with legs, tank treads, wheels, or gravity-repulsing hover units.

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Light Land Vehicles

Corsair Fast-Attack-Vehicle (FAV)
The Corsair is Mendoza's personal land vehicle. It's incredibly fast and and heavily armored, allowing Mendoza to quickly get places that would take much longer on foot. It's armed with a large laser cannon along with cloaking and stealth systems. It hovers, allowing for immunity to most landmines and the ability to cross over water.
Archer IFV
Archer Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) are like futuristic Humvees. They look somewhat like a technical. Armed with a heavy rapid-fire plasma bolter in the truck's bed. Can carry a gunner and two passengers. Very fast, moderate armor. After UWUC's destruction, the remaining designs were distributed around the galaxy, and production has not ceased like most of UWUC's models.
T-36 Bandit IFV
Bandit IFVs are heavily armored vehicles with a unique feature: skis instead of wheels. This allows for extremely fast transport across arctic terrain. The vehicle is mainly used by New Exford police forces. That's right, Bandits are often used to catch bandits. Along with a driver and gunner, it can carry six passengers with plenty of ammunition and other cargo. The gunner is armed with two plasma cannons with a very high rate of fire.
R-5 Riesig FAV
A fast-attack-vehicle created by RAVEN Corps. Riesigs are basically armed motorcycles. Contrary to most 'invincible' RAVEN designs, Riesigs are not very heavily armored. In fact, their driver is only protected by frontal armor. Riesigs are not usually used for combat unless there are no other options due to the lack of driver protection. They are armed with twelve specialty missiles. Very high speed, moderate armor (if the projectile doesn't hit you).

S-11 ----- IFV

CHANGE THE NAME. Don't name something after a planet.

A moderate armored transport,with retractable laser turrent.The vehicle can have six people in it and has tech support abilities in the field.It looks like a normal Civilian truck because it don't stand out in the open.So this is good for combat and for blending into a city crowd.It also has two stop missiles inside it to fire at any target they choose.

Heavy Land Vehicles


Diagram of the insides of the average mech.

Mechs are massive two- or four-legged vehicles armed to the teeth with weaponry. They all have a cockpit the pilot rides in, usually resembling something of a head. Mechs can take very large amounts of damage and still remain operational. Mechs are known not only for their immense firepower, but also for their stuffy cockpits and lack of air conditioners. These are extremely expensive to build and field. By fielding one light mech, you could field six medium tanks for the same cost. By fielding a heavy mech, you could probably field sixteen heavy tanks for the same cost. They are also the main target on the battlefield and quickly soak up tons of damage. Training to become a mech pilot is much more difficult than training to be a marine, tank gunner, etc. Mech designs vary in the form of some having hands to hold weapons, like the A9L26 Legionnaire and the E-81 Gegant, while some simply have their entire arms formed into weapons, like the R-60 Masakari and the famous Kiire. For a full-view diagram of what makes a mech tick, see File:AccDia.jpg.



RAVEN Corps' newest design, the R-65 Fafnir, is a brand new mech chassis built to become the most powerful and sturdy mobile weapons platform on land-- an ideal RAVEN has toyed with for quite some time. It was narrowly achieved through the Masakari, which came to be outclassed by the Legionnaire. But RAVEN just can't stand second place. And thus blueprints were laid out for the UD-#2562119 (the Fafnir's design name). Expected to be fully operational and deployed as of late December 3590. The nine weapon systems serve the superheavy mech well; the dual electromagnetic scramjet-gauss cannons located on its arms are the main source of its horrific firepower. The 215mm HVHEAPFSDS (High-Velocity High-Explosive Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) rounds can obliterate just about anything if fired correctly, though they take a full twelve seconds to reload and for the electric batteries to recharge enough for an effective shot. Although regular non-gauss cannons would have still been effective, not to mention cheaper, the recoil from them would also send the Fafnir tumbling down onto its butt, so RAVEN had no choice up to up the ante to gauss. The dual 165mm cannons on top of the torso are much smaller than the ones on the arms, albiet the top cannons fire ultra-high-explosive semi-strategic rounds, making them excell in artillery fire, but firing them at a close-range target usually just won't work. The four cannons on the mid-torso house large plasma-pulse weaponry for dealing with moderate threats like tanks, and the much smaller weapon below the cockpit is a turret operated by an on-board computer that's used to kill infantry. And to top it all off, the Fafnir is covered from head-to-toe with Durallex armor, except for armor on the back of the mech and other places weapons fire generally never hits (like the inside of the arms). Due to the weapons on its arms and upper torso, this mech works best a little behind the front line, where it's long-range scramjets and artillery guns are most effective. Not surprisingly, the Fafnir has already achieved the record as the slowest mech in existence. Normally not equipped with a shield generator (though a single working prototype is), nor blast safeties; if a Fafnir is destroyed and you're anywhere close to it, you'll be vaporized... to say the least. A total of 250 Fafnirs have been ordered to be constructed, though construction was put on hold after 100 were built. Seventy of those were immediately shipped to Weavon.
The A9L26 Legionnaire is one of O'Neil Armories more exotic weapons platforms as well as one of the safest for the pilot as well. After much mulling and screwing around with some ideas, a bunch of the science team got together and placed a ship-ship targeting system in a mech, making it the most accurate land based combat platform ever to hit the market. It is armed with a very large plasma rifle, capable of placing shots up to 300 kilometers with a 650 meter margin of error, also making it powerfull enough to traget and destroy low flying unshielded starships with relative ease. The actual starship killing is done by a missile rack of 8 SMBHAWK Ship killing missiles, capable of destroying most unshielded frigates with a single shot. It also carries a very large cannon that actually loads from several different magazines at once so the pilot has his choice of variable ammo, that ranges from cannister (3000 very small peices of metal) to semi-strategic smart shells. Suprisingly, it is actually powered by a very large rechargeable battery that yeilds an explosion only large enough to destroy the mech and fry any valuable core circutry. Pilot survival rates are actually one of the highest among most of the other mecha, as well as the entire thing being built to be immune to ideocy, it is very well favored by some of the larger mercenary groups. The battery lasts for 400 hours, but it has a shield emitter mounted on top of the MLRS rack, lasting 180 hours with the shield active. Light armor, decent shield, really good weapons, stands 17.5 meters, moderately good speed, capable of a short sprint, features a mocha latte maker. About a few months into the start of the Sakharan crisis, the mech was given a complete overhaul to create the A9L27 Legionnaire. Although almost identical aesthetically to the L26 version, the L27 recieved a much better targeting computer and the missile rack was changed up so that instead of using nuclear SMBHAWKs, the mechanics could fit smaller and cheaper C8 explosive missiles four to a slot. The servomotors, calibrators, gimbals, gyros and power transfer wires were all upgraded, allowing the mech to maintain a sprint for up to an hour and fire on the run as well. The targeting system was replaced completely, improving the shot placement from 300 kilometers to 420 kilometers and reducing the margin of error from 650 to 300 meters even when moving. Manufactured only by O'Neil Armories .
As the war against the Evoknight crusade began to end, RAVEN Corps was once again able to focus on what it does best: making annihilating weapons platforms. After ages of keeping RAVEN's best of the best teachnology a secret, they finally combined it all into one, possibly answering the creation of ONA'S Grenadier. The result: The R-60 Masakari. Armed with an amazing array of destructive weaponry and towering approximately 24.5 meters tall. Its right arm holds generators that produce and condense large amounts of gamma radiation, firing them in the form of extremely lethal lasers. Upon impact, these gamma particles react violently with the impacted matter and result in a large explosion, whether the lasers hit armor, or simply ground. Below these lasers are the Masakari's small-arms weaponry, consisting of two 60mm autocannons that fire like machineguns. Its central torso houses two huge cannons that fire 160mm HVHEAPFSDS (High-Velocity High-Explosive Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) Scramjet rounds, one of the most deadly weapons ever planted on a RAVEN ground vehicle. The left torso mounts two 155mm ERHE (Extended-Range High-Explosive) Ramjet Cannons, which can be used as artillery of sorts, though they aren't as accurate as they should probably be. The left arm houses a rotary 7-barreled rocket launcher, that spits out fourteen high-explosive anti-tank rockets within one and a half seconds. These rockets are unguided and can be rather inaccurate, but a few seconds of firing willl envelope the target area with explsosions. However, it's very ineffective at long ranges. Above the torso and just below the missile pods are eight HESH missile launchers. The actual missile pods contain an array of no less than forty HVHEAP missile launchers containing MIW (Minor [Non-Strategic] Implosive Weapons) payloads. Very tough carbon-crystalline based armor plating, moderately slow speed. Tremendously expensive to field, not to mention the cost of building and making each unit of ammunition. Masakaris contain TATA computers for enhanced aiming (except for the rotary rocket) and NO ejection system. If one is destroyed, the resulting detonation will register on seismic scales a hundred miles away as well as disintegrate the chassis and kill anything moderately close to it. Two hundred have been fielded on Weavon, with another two-fifty in reserve forces. Production of the Masakari has ceased due to financial shortcomings and a couple major safety issues.
Grenadier Iron Man
The Grenadier is an extremely powerful mech and the worst thing for you to see on the battlefield other than the Grim Reaper Powered Armor Suit. It carries two missile pods on its shoulders and four on its legs. Each one holds multiple missiles although the ones on its shoulders are Surface to Air only while the ones on its legs have a crappy targeting system contrary to most of ONA weaponry which have a really good targeting system. Mounted on the shoulder pods are also several mortars loaded with cluster munitions that fire at a high angle and are usually used for long range fire support. For dealing with pesky light units like infantry and such, it has ten machine guns on its arms, five on each that actually use bullets, depleted uranium tungsten fin stabalized ones but bullets with a theoretical fire rate of 7000 rounds per second for each arm, its no wonder its also dubbed "the Cheater". The downside is that it is really heavy even though its armoring was reduced so as to make it lighter, it still runs slower than a human does. The machine guns also have a tendancy to jam, out of 10000 rounds, 2000 rounds jammed. Moderately light armor, Variable weapons, 20 meters tall, really low speed, features a Mocha Latte maker. It is also really, really, really, really expensive to field. Made only by O'Neil Armories. It has been discontinued due to pilot hatred. The remainder now serve in the millitary of Khent and Kirin while all the ones under ONMC command were either donated, scrapped or destroyed.
A Basilisk Superheavy-Class Battlemech is not something to be ignored. It was initially built and fielded by UWUC, though few know that the model was actually stolen from the Teroare during the war. Now, the Hunter's Trade Union has adopted a few designs of its own. It's only used by the very high ranking officers, and is usually decorated with war paint. Basilisk main weaponry is in the form of two huge plasma cannons, capable of incinerating almost anything foolish enough to get in the way. However, these weapons must be aimed carefully due to a slow rate of fire. On it's right shoulder is a high-velocity electromagnetic cannon called a Gauss Rifle. These are extremely powerful, and one of the few ballistic weapons still in use. In the middle of the torso, there is a medium-sized rapid-fire laser cannon, primarily for use against small threats like light vehicles and infantry. The Basilisk has a personal radar system. Once destroyed, Basilisks are known to have an enormous explosion capable of leveling anything within 100 meters. Moderately low speed. Heavy armor. 20 meters tall. The Basilisk has become an outdated design due to the post-Evo war technological advancement surge, but it still remains one of the most dangerous mechs fielded by military forces.
Uziel Heavy Mechs are extremely destructive weapon platforms and were once the most powerful machines ever created. Capable of taking on a Basilisk, Uziels are often a symbol of power on the battlefield. On each arm there are 3 heavy laser cannons and a heavy plasma cannon. The heavy lasers fire one at a time and are arranged in a triangular form, making the trio of lasers practically rapid-fire. The plasma cannons shoot molten hot plasma to incredible ranges. On top of the cockpit is a Heavy Gauss Rifle, one of the most powerful weapons ever put on a bipedal design. Below the cockpit are, you guessed it, four more lasers. Uziels are literally one-man armies. The only downside is that the chassis is equipped with no missles, and has very problematic overheating issues. Pulverizing firepower, low speed. Heavy armor. It was adopted by RAVEN Corps for a short while, but because of its age, it was retired. They have all either been scrapped or sold to the Gertragian Loyalists or the Hunter's Trade Union. 18 meters tall. It is known as the oldest Superheavy-class mech in existence, but with its array of weapons, it still has a chance to take down just about anything on the ground. However, its armor is now outmatched by most heavy mechs.
The E-90 Raider is an extremely powerful mech, and the pride of Bidepal HTU technology. Armed with two light plasma bolters and two microwave lasers on its left arm, 28 heavy rocket launchers on its torso, a 135mm cannon on its right arm, and nine missile launchers on its right shoulder, one can only wonder why. These mechs are the most feared thing many forces have to face on the battlefield. To make matters worse, they are covered in an extremely tough alloy armor, making some weaponry uselessly bounce off its armor. When someone gets lucky and destroys this helluva beast, the resulting blast can level a neighborhood, which was purposefully input into the mech's design. Moderate speed. Exclusive to the Hunters' army. Incredibly expensive, and thus not mass produced. 19.5 meters tall. The E-90B has recently emerged, with bolstered firepower to the plasma bolters and housing a 160mm cannon instead of a 135mm as well as carrying guided missiles as opposed to high-explosive rockets. Both designs are currently in use. To reduce the chance of losing a Raider, the Hunters ALWAYS deploy them in pairs.


MC-445 Daishi heavy mechs are bipedal weapon platforms designed by Marak Weapon Corporation and distributed mainly to various Weavon and Gertragian Loyalist factions, although they can be present anywhere. Armed with a rotary heavy plasma cannon, a gauss rifle, a missile rack containing HEAP missiles, and a small chaingun built specifically to track and shoot down incoming missiles, the Daishi is a mech to be feared. Built with moderately thin but ultra-tough armor, the Daishi is one of the faster heavies.
Gegant heavy mechs are enormous. They are extremely heavily armored, but aren't armed with very many weapons. They're equipped with a large plasma minigun, a heavy laser, 7 high explosive rockets, and ten smaller missiles. Oh, and hands capable of tearing a Basilisk in half, or pounding it into a pancake. Excruciatingly slow. Used exculsively by the HTU. 17 meters tall.
R-8 Warhammer-Class Heavy mechs are currently sold only by RAVEN Corps. Their arms carry huge Ramjet Cannons capable of piercing right through most smaller mechs. On its torso there are six heavy rapid plasma cannons, and its right shoulder boasts a large specialty missile sixpack. This design is very unique because of the system on its left shoulder, which fires electromagnetic waves that disable shields. Extremely heavy armor, slow. Large blast radius when destroyed. Equipped with an ejection seat just in case things go south. 17 meters tall.
The R-15 Annihilator heavy assault mech is created by RAVEN Corps, and is not distributed no matter how much money is offered. They are used exclusively for protecting RAVEN facilities. No one outside RAVEN knew what this mech is capable of until the start of the Sakharan conflict, for anyone who had seen it in combat hadn't lived to tell the tale. Various HTU mechs, tanks, and VTOLs have fallen from the sheer firepower of Annihilators. And until late 3595, none had been able to report what the four-barreled weapon on the right shoulder is. Truth is that the mech's arms are outfitted with ERASER (ElectRomagnetic Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) Cannon. The huge ERASER Cannons each fire a plasma-coated high-explosive armor-piercing high-velocity 155mm Ramjet round, which encases an explosive blast of thermal energy, coated around another shell containing an implosive blast of fusion energy. This is why the Annihilator is so extremely lethal. They can literally lay waste to a whole legion of other heavy mechs. But there are also six other lasers, four being on the arms and two on the torso. These high-intensity beams slice through most armor like a hot knife through butter. A twelve-pack of autoloading ERASER missiles dominates the left shoulder. They're like the cannons, except they fire a guided missile. But with the ability to track comes at the price of having a mere fraction of the firepower the cannons have. Positioned on the torso is also an large EMP emiiter shaped like a large vent, for disabling sheilds. Finally, the right shoulder mounts what appears to be a quad-barreled cannon. But it's not that at all. It's really the output of four generators, which, when activated, manifest one large sphere of energy. It takes a few seconds to charge up before firing, in which a huge, bright red bolt is blasted into the target. If you thought ERASERS were powerful, you ain't seen nuttin when you see the "Maser". In addition to the herculean weapons, the advanced leg design (humans might see that they resemble chickenlegs) and shock absorbers provide very high accuracy and very low weapon kickback. Annihilators are also equipped with Durrallex armor and ejection capability. Moderate speed. 18.5 meters tall.
Enfield heavy mechs are one of the newest additions to the battlefield. It was cooperatively created by the Hunter's Trade Union and Marak Weapon Corporation. Armed with three heavy lasers, a 105mm high-explosive cannon, and a Swarm Missile System. The SMS does what its name implies; it swamps the target area with a ton of medium-sized heat-seeking missiles. Although not the most powerful design ever made, it has armor surpassing that of the superheavy Uziel.
Javelis heavy mechs are fierce-looking war machines dedicated to mauling just about anything smaller. They sport no less than forty missiles along their shoulders, and have two massive five-barreled 80mm autocannons on its arms. Moderately heavy armor and moderate speed. It has been duly noted that this is a rather unsafe mech for the pilot, meaning the default design lacks good shock absorbers against enemy fire. Other more up-to-date versions are upgraded, being just barely up to par. Used by the HTU and Gertragian Rebel Forces. 15.5 meters tall.

A heavily damaged Raptor, still operational with weapons blazing.


Raptor Heavy Mechs are incredibly reliable and very destructive designs. A Raptor's main role is missile support. Armed with 32 high explosive armor piercing missiles, Raptors commonly tear vehicles and other apart from afar, then close in for a nice clean kill. Against this thing, no distance is safe. If it can see you, it can kill you. On each arm is a heavy railgun and two heavy lasers, along with four more heavy lasers and two 60mm autocannons on its torso. 16 AP Missiles are the decor of the shoulders. RAVEN has made it's own variation of the design, boasting four Ramjet 60mm Autocannons on the arms, eight heavy rapid plasma cannons on the torso, and sixteen HEAT Missiles. Moderately high speed. Heavy armor. UWUC and RAVEN only. Due to UWUC's destruction, the designs have been confiscated by RAVEN. 16.5 meters tall. This is probably RAVEN's most commonly seen heavy mech.


Corvis Medium Mechs the same primary role as Raptors: Missle Support. Corivs are armed with a greater 40 HE missiles, but have much less direct laser firepower. Two medium lasers dominate each arm, and a turret below the torso is armed with two smaller lasers. The turret can be controlled by the main pilot, or a secondary pilot. High speed, moderate amounts of armor. Used by several factions. 15 meters tall.
Another design created and sold by RAVEN Corps, R-6 Warthog Medium Mechs mainly utilize ballistic weaponry and are extremely effective at mowing down masses of infanty. Its arms are large six-barreled heavy rapid plasma cannons, and there are two smaller forms located on the left and right torso. The central torso is dominated by a high-intensity beam laser, which has extreme range and accuracy and kills shields just as fast as it kills armor. A missile rack housing four autoloading heat-seeking missiles is located on the shoulder. High speed, moderately high armor. Housed with plenty of sensor equipment, making it RAVEN's main ground recon unit. It housing almost nothing but rapid-fire light weapons greatly limits its use against armored forces, so it's mostly only used to combat infantry, light vehicles, and gunships. 14.5 meters tall.
Coming in two different designs, A-77 Devastator medium mechs are a moderately old design, but still in use because of its power and reliability. The first variant in use has two heavy plasma cannons on each arm, and a double-barreled 320mm autoloading cannon on its right shoulder. The second variant, the A-77B, has the hands replaced with four more heavy plasma cannons. Moderate armor, moderately high speed. 13.5 meters tall.
Uller medium mechs (Raptor in the background :D) would be considered light mechs without their huge right arm. Weaponry includes one heavy railgun on the right arm and two heavy lasers on the left. Houses lots of sensor equipment. Moderate armor, high speed. Used by nearly every faction. 12 meters tall.
The A7L32 Invincible Ironmon is perhaps one of the cheapest of ONAs products on the market to date. There are many variations, most of them aimed at sell to small mercenary groups that just need some sort of mech. The entire thing is made of a titanium/alluminum (chromsten on ONA export) alloy to save weight and make room for some of its other abilities, though suprisingly it has almost no weaponry. The only form of ranged weaponry is a Kinetic Laser cannon mounted on its arm that has a maximum spread radius of 8 meters at 300 meters, afterward it dissapates into nothing. Its main feature is it's extremely large arms fitted with with some of the best servomotors on the civilian market, so strong in fact that it can get into a wrestling match with a Gegant heavy mech and win. It is powered by a pebble bed fission reactor that is incapable of melt down while providing a steady and continuos flow of power, making it the safest to operate on the market. Light armor (civilian) Heavy armor (ONA export), Meh weapons, 13.5 meters tall, good speed, capable of a sprinting, features a mocha latte maker. Manufactured only by O'Neil Armories and licensed affiliates.
Vier medium mechs are used exclusively by the Hunter's Trade Union. These strangely hunchbacked designs are equipped with the firepower of a heavy mech, but are small and lack armor, and are thus considered Medium. Armed with a twelve-pack of high explosive rockets on the right shoulder, a large plasma bolter on the left shoulder, and four lasers on its arms. Notably, the default form is not equipped with a sensor, unlike most other mechs in service. Moderately heavy armor, very slow. 12 meters tall.


Known as the faithful backbone of UWUC forces, Ryoken medium mechs aren't armed with very many weapons, but they get the job done. Armed with four plasma cannons and two heavy gauss cannons. Moderately heavy armor, moderately slow. Due to UWUC's destruction, RAVEN confiscated all the Ryoken models. But instead of scrapping them, the majority were sent to the Gertragian Loyalists. 11 meters tall.


Hollander Light Mechs are also missle support mechs. Its arms consist of 30 missiles, though not High Explosive like the Crovis' and Raptor's. Direct attack weaponry includes two heavy pulse lasers. Light armor, extremely high speed. 10 meters tall.
Kiire Light Mechs are rather heavily armored compared to other light mechs. Armed with two heavy gatling pulse lasers and four missile launchers. Used by many factions. Moderate speed. 12.5 meters.
Thistle Light Mechs are one of the lightest mechs and are mostly only used as policing and SWAT units. They are only armed with six medium lasers. Light armor, high speed. 7.5 meters tall.
M1A897 Runner
The M1A897 Runner is O'Neil Armories' response to the Fafnir. Since the use of Terrawatt lasers is strictly forbiden on planet unless under special cirecumstances and nukes are out of the question, they decided to counter not with overwhelming weaponry but with some other aspect. The Runner is designed as a Electronic Warfare platform and is also both too small and too fast for the Big Beast (the name given the Fafnirs by pilots) to target quickly and hit effectively. Armed with a single 30mm depleated uranium auto-cannon, it is designed to use it's two extremely durable hands to operate scaled up weaponry such as guns, models of which are already used by the Grimm Reaper suits. Powered by deuterium crossfire cells it usually is able to sustain operation for at least 30 hours on one cartridge. It also has the option of equipping two turbofan engines or ion wind engines for flight though it is unable to match fighter aircraft in terms of dogfighting ability. An upgraded M1A898 model was introduced less then a year after the 897s. It featured a 40mm gatling style autocannon that put out 600 rounds per minute and was also equipped with a command module to allow it to operate a flight of interceptor bits or Kinetic Impact Vehicles. The speed both on land and in the air was upgraded so that the mech is able to achieve an air speed of almost 300 meters per second and on the ground, is able to run at around 120 kilometers per hour, now becoming almost too fast for the Fafnir to target let alone hit. The mecha feature the unique ability to fit onto an orbital mass driver, gaining the ability to be launched into orbit in a relatively short time and function as a makeshift space defense; though this ability by its nature is more commonly used to be launched from electromagnetic linear catapults on surface warships. Also, due to changed ONA protocol, the mecha are now operated by fighter pilots and also feature a mocha latte maker. light armor, extremely high speed, 8 meters tall. Stealthed to radar.
Mainly an intelligence mech, Firehawks are not to be used for direct combat. Their left arm has nothing but intel equipment, such as communication devices, radars, etc. It's right arm houses a particle projectile cannon, or PPC, which does very high damage and EMPs anything it hits. Secondary weapon is a single laser. Moderately high armor, low speed. 15 meters tall. Stealthed to radar.
Avec Reconnoiters
Avec Reconnoiters are, as the name suggests, for recon purposes. They can be beaten one-on-one by just about any other mech in production. Avecs are armed with several tons of intelligence equipment, and sacrifice speed and weaponry for them. Armed with a heavy autolaser and six missile launchers. Moderate speed, moderately light armor. Stealthed to radar.
Neonshooters are best for long range combat as they can be deployed in any area. They're made for long range combat. They are very fast but have light armor. They also carry rockets that can destroy large strikecraft or some of its heavier counterparts, although due to the nature of the rockets, it has a tough time tracking anything traveling over Mach 3. It currently only manufactured and used by the Republic of Star.
Blame cutter
Only a few are made but are very strong. The Blame Cutter is capable of flying like a jet and is capable of space combat. They are very fast at a speed of mach 6 in the upper atmosphere but any faster would cause catastrophic structural failure.They are equiped with a powerful sword used as a breaching tool when attacking a ship. They are also equipped with laser pistols and a impact shield in the arms of the robot, although due to the nature of the shield, it has minimal defense against lasers. It also has rockets in each shoulder to shoot at any incoming targets, although due to the energy demand a tracking system has, the rockets are unguided and best for ground support. They are very agile and can fight in one on one terms with a strike craft. It is made and used only by The Republic of Star.


The upside of having four legs is being able to carry more equipment and weaponry. The downside is that they are larger, more expensive, and usually slower.

The Promethium Quadrepedal Assault Unit is the tallest land vehicle in existence (Design Page) . The Hunter's Trade Union has spent the last thirty years constructing it. This one-of-a-kind mech makes Fafnirs and Legionnaires look like dwarves. Equipped with an ultra-powerful battleship-class shield generator, over seven hundred heat sinks, and a personal radar system, the Promethium is a one machine army. It is built with Ion-Plasma Cannons and heavy laser cannons all over the place, including on the legs to eliminate any blind spots. It also has two main guns located on the forward portion. These triangular weapons use various technology stolen and salvaged from MWC, the Evoknights, and RAVEN Corps to produce highly experimental dual-stage blasts of energy that implode on impact of the target, then explode tenfold more violently a few seconds after the surroundings are drawn in from the implosion. Oh, and it has a full scale nuclear missile located inside, ready to be launched at a moment's notice. Currently stationed on Weavon. Incredibly, the design has been kept 100% secret. For now...
D-91 Chilka
Chilkas are a very powerful weapon platform used exclusively by UWUC and RAVEN forces. Two pilots are required for use. One steers the mech and has control over two triple-barreled heavy laser cannons. The second pilot is a gunner in the middle of the vehicle. The second pilot controls a huge turret capable of firing in every direction except downwards, including straight upward. The turret is equipped with four laser cannons with an extremely high rate of fire and two upgraded S-12 "Sunburst" Laser Cannons. That's right, some UWUC scientist was crazy enough to make the most devastating handheld weapon to mankind about twenty times larger. These weapons have very advanced cooling tanks, and thus can also fire much faster than the handheld versions. Very heavy armor. Slow. RAVEN's optimized their versions to equip the large turret controlled by the gunner with four 120mm Scramjet Autocannons that fire so fast it looks like the barrels are shooting flame. The two larger guns were replaced with heavy gamma laser cannons, and the pilot's triple-barrel heavy laser cannons were replaced by single-barreled heavy plasma cannons. 18 meters tall.
R230 Amur
R230 Amurs are the HTU's answer to Chilkas. They are smaller and overral less effective, but are much cheaper and, more importantly, only require a single pilot. They are armed with one 105mm cannon and two heavy pulse lasers. Moderate armor, moderate speed. 11 meters tall.
G70 Wraith
Wraiths are a rather old design, but that doesn't hamper their effectiveness in the field. Armed with two gauss cannons and, for a gunner, a pulse laser. Moderately heavy armor, moderately slow. 15 meters tall.
Warmachine Rail
Warchine rail is a large battleship that is functional on land and sea and does a fine job of it. It can dive like a sub and has a large number of weapons. It has a railgun on it's back that take care of low flying space craft with little difficulty (much greater dificulty if the craft is armored/shielded). It has a hanger that can hold Mecha but due to the vastly different profiles, it is unable to store fighters/bombers. It has a plasma cannon on the front of it, and laser turrets all around it, and heavy sheild equipment rated for multiple impacts by heavy projectiles, although due to the anti-ship nature of the ship, it is a bit lacking in the Triple A section. It has moderate speed on land since it uses a special Land Emergance Galleon System (legs, get it? hahaha), a fat lot of use it has in the mountains but its a battleship on land, what else do you need? It also has a extremely powerful hull, even without the sheild it would be able to take more pounding than some starships, although it's not rated to stand up to a 10,000 megatonne tungsten KEW but then again, what can?
Beserker Graver
Beserker was based on evo-knight tech that they obtained from a few battles they were in.They have made it to adept to the Generated Exo-skeletal Transportation System,as well as some other enhancements to make it faster.It is equiped with rockets from it's shoulder,also has a mini railgun in it's left hand.The other arm has a plasma sheild equipped.It can switch weapons to fight in any type of combat from the backpack in the back of the mech.The backpack has a machine gun with anti-armor piercing bullets,and a few gernades.A drawback would be that,when it does need to change weapons it would need to switch in cover. Because it is based on Evo technology, the design is naturally ultra-rare.


"Micromechs", as they are sometimes called, are about the size of an infantry, but are either robotic or piloted by a soldier. These have many upsides, such as highly increased firepower and armor. The downside to having Infantry Armor is that they are very slow and enemies very often shoot them first. The hulks can hardly crouch behind cover, making them have a moderately high fatality rate. They are also extremely hard to use and require specially trained pilots. The Robotic ones don't require such specialization, but are instead more expensive.

Grim Reaper Powered Armor Suit
The Grim Reaper Powered Armor Suit (excuse the long name) is ONA tech at its best and deadliest. The entire thing is made of Durachrome and capable of handling the blast and wash of a small nuke, its heavy starship armor, the only thing stopping this is a 10,000 megatonne tungsten 'rod from god'. The shoulder mounted grenade multi-launcher is armed with C8 grenades, each capable of bringing down a small building by itself. Due to its being extremely modular, it can actually pick up weapons and use them because it has fingers, although the standard issue rifle is good enough. The rifle is a state of the art killing machine, accelerating 2*2*5 Chromsten mini-flechettes to about a third of the speed of light, the projectile can shread through dimond armored heavy tanks longways three times. Powered by a very small 'fast neutron' fission pile (californium) in the 'backpack' if it goes off than the entire area would not only be desintegrated but also filled with radiation for several hundred years, it never has to be recharged or refilled. It will never be released to the public, ever, way too powerfull even by ONMC standards, if they ever pull this out than you know something is going down. There are only a few of these in the known universe and almost all are locked down. Really heavy armor, about 9 feet tall, Magazine holds: Rifle = 600 rounds (reloadable), Grenade Autocannon: = 9 grenades (C8, gas, frag) (reloadable).
Thor Infantry Armor
Thor Infantry Armor, named after the Earthian god, is the standard heavy infantry armor of several military forces. On one arm, they have a mounted heavy plasma machine gun, and on the other, a hand capable of easily crushing most metals along with a small laser. On its right shoulder is a specialty missile launcher. RAVEN's variation utilizes a 40mm Ramjet Autocannon, a four-pack of HEAT Missiles, and something comparable to a militarized mining laser on the left hand. Very heavy armor, moderately slow speed. Pilot required. Often decorated with war paint. 3.75 meters tall.
Cardinal Heavy Infantry Armor
Cardinal HIAs are usually refered to as a Thor's little brother. And no, they are not named after the Earthian bird. These miniature mechs are not robotic and have to be piloted. Their right arm utilizes a dual Plasma Pulse Machine Gun. Their left arm is the same as a Thor's, though more powerful but not equipped with a laser. Heavy armor, slow speed. Often decorated with war paint, etc. 3 meters tall.
Mavor Heavy Assault Unit
R-19 Mavors are combat robots created and sold by RAVEN Corps. Only Mark II versions are created now, which have the two hands replaced by more weaponry. The current versions are armed with four 55mm Ramjet Autocannons on their arms and have two missile compartments on the torso. These compartments usually carry HEAT Missiles, but anything from tranquilizers to rocket pods can be fitted. Either way, there are no less than forty launchers. Very heavily armored, moderately slow. 4 meters tall.
Triton Mk II Superheavy Combat Armor
R-20 Triton SCA is probably the most feared armor suit on the battlefield. RAVEN created the Triton with a goal to overpower any known Combat Armor. Now evolved to the Mark II stage, Tritons are armed with no less than eight 35mm Ramjet Autocannons, four on each arm (hand being replaced). These literally shred anything without heavy armor, whether it be infantry, light vehicles, or even some APCs. There are three variations of the Triton, though all possess the deadly autocannons. Triton-Ms are shown in the picture, with five HEAT Missile launchers and a heavy gauss cannon. Triton-Gs have the HEATs replaced with another heavy gauss, while Triton-Rs have the gauss replaced with another five HEAT Missile Launchers. And to make it all worse, all three variants have jetpacks, enabling them to fly to tops of buildings, or simply hover and gun down things from above. Very heavy armor, moderately slow speed. Lightly shielded. 6 meters tall. Powered by a tiny fission reactor. Upon destruction, the Triton pilot has a 90% chance of death, while people around the mech have the potential to be wounded, if not killed themselves. RAVEN Corps has not released these to the market.
Razor Assault Unit
Rare and produced only by a select few corporations for policing use. Razor Assault Units are robots prickling with energy cannons. Armed with one heavy laser cannon, four medium lasers, and four triple-barreled light lasers. A full barrage of these can result in a brilliant blue firestorm. A legion of these are even worse. These are mostly only deployed to gun down Tier 1 Assets, but they have been used in countless military operations as well. Moderately heavy armor, unrivaled speed compared to the other assault drones. 2.8 meters tall. Despite being smaller and older, Razor AUs have the capability to take down an R-19 Mavor and an inexperienced R-20 Triton pilot. They are easily capable of obliterating Ceithre, Karanak, Iliki, and most other common combat drones. Above all, they are known for their unmatched artificial intelligence.
Ceithre Assault Drones
Ceithres are heavily armed droids capable of easily crossing any non-aquatic terrain. They're usually seen traversing the rough terrain of Weavon or New Exford. These are armed with four 40mm autocannons with a very high rate of fire and six plasma missile launchers. The posses the incredible ability to jump more than ten feet into the air. Moderate armor, high speed. 4.5 meters tall.
Karanak Drone
Karanak Drones come in two different versions; one used by the HTU, and one used by UWUC/RAVEN forces. UWUC Drones are shown in the picture, equipped with a heavy vulcan plasma cannon and eight missile launchers. The HTU uses a version that replaces the heavy vulcan plasma with a vulcan heavy laser (slightly lower damage, slighty higher rate of fire), along with two smaller lasers on the torso, and only four missiles. UWUC's version has heavier armor, but the HTU's is faster. 0.8 meters tall.
Skrall Assault Unit
Iliki Enforcer
Skrall Drones are robots that are most commonly seen on The Fandors, because they are mostly built by Wormholemancers. These large robots are equipped with a large plasma cannon, capable of melting a hole in most light vehicles. Moderately heavy armor, low speed. 6 meters tall.
Iliki Enforcers are used only by the HTU. They are quite simple, yet very effective. Their right arm is mounted with a heavy laser while the left arm has an autocannon. Heavily armored. This is the main robot for HTU forces. The hands are mainly for carrying, for this robot can't really punch anything. 3.5 meters tall.
Rawwad Assault Unit
A droid used only by the HTU, Rawwads are heavily armed and armored to deal with any threat. That is, except for their obvious weak point. The two bars connecting the upper and lower torsos, if shot correctly, will instantly fail and the battery-powered robot will become dead and useless. The good side to having it, however, gives the robot increased maneuverability. Armed with a supercharged heavy plasma repeater, capable of dominating most infantry. Its right hand is strong enough to slash through most light metals. Better hope you don't let one of these get near you. Another notable feature is that Rawwads can jump nearly four feet in the air. 4 meters tall. Officially retired from all military forces as of 3594, but still available in rare locations to buy as a cheap personal bodyguard or a shooting range target.

Meiossi Skirmisher

Meiossi Skirmishers are droids used widely by the HTU and rebel forces, though uncommonly seen in UWUC's ranks. Meiossi (Me-Oh-See) are armed with five small rockets and a photon laser, while at the same time being capable of holding any other infantry weapon with its two free hands. These are rather outdated and lightly armored, but can prove invaluable when used in large numbers. Moderately fast. 2.5 meters tall.
Crab MKI
The Crab MKI is a four-legged attack drone armed with two rapid pulse lasers. These are extremely outdated designs, but still prove effective at gunning down light infantry. Crabs can, after crouching, jump several feet into the air and onto an unsuspecting victim, most likely killing them instantly. The lasers do moderate damage, but fire several times in one second. Moderately accurate. Lightly armored, moderately fast. 0.5 meters tall. Officially retired from all military forces as of 3591, but still available in rare locations to buy as a cheap personal bodyguard or a shooting range target.
The successor to the Crab MKI, though they have their differences. Crab MKII's are still outdated designs, but are armed with much more powerful laser cannons, and their back legs now provide much more kickback resistance, making this version more than twice as accurate and deadly. However, this feature got rid of its ability to perform a "jumpkill" that the predecessor was so famed for. Moderate armor, moderate speed. 0.8 meters tall.Officially retired from all military forces as of 3591, but still available in rare locations to buy as a cheap personal bodyguard or a shooting range target.
Starworker is a mech that is a fighting/working robot.It can have from a knife to rockets in these mechs.Thier ability makes them perfect for recon and sniper missions.They are also very good vs anti-air type ships and fighter planes.They have high speed,light armor and carry a knife as well as a rifle at all times.They also can have rockets attached to them and a sniper on their back. This is currently only made and used by the Republic of Star. 2 meters tall.


A-11 Marauder Heavy Assault Tank
Marauders are the standard assault tank used by the UWUC military. Armed with a Heavy Gauss Rifle, the same weapon on Uziels. Marauders have extremely heavy armor. The drawback of this extreme firepower and armor is that no current personal hover platform can lift it. Low speed. Used by many factions.
T-5 Apocalypse Tank
Apocalypse Tanks earn their name through immense firepower. They have the same problem as Marauders, in the fact they cannot hover. Multiple gunners. The main gunner has control over the main turret, and is armed with two Heavy Railguns, 16 missiles, and two medium lasers. The secondary gunner, who controls the top turret, has 2 pulse lasers and 44 small anti-personnel rockets. Heavy armor, extremely slow. Used exclusively by UWUC, which has now disbanded. Most of the designs were scrapped by RAVEN Corps, the last 120 were bought by various factions. RAVEN owns 0.
Titan Battle Tank
Titan Battle Tanks are the vehicle of choice for smaller combat operations that don't really need heavy tanks. Armed with a Gauss Rifle and two secondary gunners, each with a medium laser. The primary gunner, along with the Gauss Rifle, has two HE missiles. Heavy armor, moderately low speed. Used by RAVEN Corps, Gertragian Loyalists, and various Weavon factions.
A-44 Slayer Heavy Tank
Designed and used by the one and only Gertragian Loyalists. The A-44 Slayer surprised many by being powerful and successful enough to surpass R-4 Reclaimers and A-11 Marauders... this is unheard of for a design that was made on a planet like Gertragia. It 'fires a superhot beam of plasma that melts a path of scorching destruction', as the newspapers said. The new design, being manufactured from nearly twenty plants around Gertragia, has seroiusly hurt the Rebels' war effort. And to make everything worse, the Slayer can hover over rivers and streams, making it possibly the greatest tank of the current time frame if used tactically. Heavy armor, moderate speed.
Centurion HHT
Centurion Heavy Hover Tanks are armed with two Light Gauss and 18 anti-personnel rockets. Gunner armed with a pulse laser. Heavy armor, moderately high speed. Can cross any terrain. Used exclusively by the Hunter's Trade Union.
Advocate Hover Tank
Advocates are more cheaply made hover tanks. Armed with a Heavy PPC and four HE rockets, Advocates have no gunners. Moderate armor, moderately high speed. Can cross any terrain.
Statesman Ion Tank
Used widely across the galaxy. Statesman Tanks have a very special role on the battlefield. Their main weapon is an Ion Cannon, which depletes shields extremely quick, but does virtually nothing to armor. Armed with two gunners, warmed with machine guns. Moderately heavy armor, high speed (for a tank).
R-7 Avenger Tank Destroyer
Avenger-Class Tank Destroyers live up to their name with unwavering power. They are armed with four revolutionary cannons, utilizing Ramjet technology for maximum firepower. The supercharged ion-coated shells, when fired, are propelled to extreme speeds by a jet engine and four pop-out stabilizer fins. The high-explosive Gauss rounds will pierce and destroy just about anything on the battlefield. Equipped with an autoloader, and also armed with a fully turreted dual rapid plasma cannon for dealing with infantry. Currently only manufactured by RAVEN Corps. It is the only four-barreled tank in active service in any faction. Armored with extremely tough ceramic-diamond plating that can take immense damage and still stay operational. However, the two vents located on the back of the tank are considerable weak points.
R-4 Reclaimer Heavy Tank
R-4 Reclaimers are double-barreled tanks made by RAVEN Corps. They can fire two different projectiles, much like The Legacy. By flipping a switch, the cannon gunner can either fire shield-busting plasma shots, or armor-piercing high-explosive shells. Equipped with an autoloader. Each time the trigger is pulled, the cannon fires two shots. No other mass-produced tank has adjacent double barrels, making this RAVENtech creation very unique. Armored with tough ceramic-diamond plating on the R-4A variant. The R-4B has has relatively lighter armor, but also has more speed. Secondary gunner has a Ravager. Reclaimers are usually sold to other armies instead of actually being used in RAVEN's army.
Guardian Robotic Tank
Guardians are light robotic tanks used by various military factions. They're small, fast, cheap, and are completely independent of a driver and gunner. They can easily be called in to support positions, and although they are very easily mass produced, do not underestimate their power. Armed with a supercharged plasma cannon, but no anti-infantry weapons. Moderate armor. Fast.
Caduceus Robotic Tank
Known to be the HTU's answer to the Guardian. The Caduceus is the HTU's robotic tank. Armed with heavier armor but lighter weapons than the Guardian. "Cad's", as they're often called, are armed with two simple yet decent laser autocannons. Moderately heavy armor, moderate speed.

APCs and Heavy IFVs

Hunchback APC
G-5 Hunchback APCs were UWUC's primary armored personnel carrier before they were distributed widely across the galaxy. Can carry eight passengers, a driver, a gunner, and has plenty of space for equipment. Armed with two laser autocannons. Moderately heavy armor, moderate speed.

Swiftwind IFV
C-1 Swiftwinds are fast and heavily armored at the same time. Armed with a pulse laser and 4 Specialty Missliles. Specialty Missiles, or SMs, can be locked on to any large heat source, whether it be an aircraft, helicopter, tank, sedan, or organism. Primary role is Support. Can hold a driver, gunner, and seven passengers. High speed, moderately high armor.

R-12 Wolverine
R-12 Wolverines are heavily armed and armored IFVs sold by RAVEN Corps. Although the original model had two wheels and two treaded tracks, the new models have the back tracks replaced with four wheels, making the vehicle have 6 wheels total. This adjustment increased speed, and the newer model was given another cannon. RAVEN Corps armed this expensive vehicle with twenty high-explosive armor piercing Specialty Warheads. "Specialty" meaning they can be locked on to land targets, air targets, or just the ground. This vehicle can be used as long-range artillery or close range combat, and everything in between. The missiles are extremely agile and can hit a target twenty meters away or several miles away. Also armed with two rapid heavy plasma bolters, capable of swiveling to shoot at air or ground targets. This vehicle is surprisingly fast.

R-14 Cobra
R-14 Cobras are heavy IFVs created and sold by RAVEN Corps. They're six-wheeled vehicles armed with two 60mm railguns that have an insane rate of fire. Mainly used as an anti-air defense against VTOLs, but it could easily wreak havoc on infantry and other light and medium vehicles and mechs. Heavy armor, moderately high speed.
ZSU-85 Halftrack
Halftracks have half of their movement dedicated to tracks and the other have to wheels, hence the name. Used mainly by theHunter's Trade Union and militia groups. It's armed with eight rapid-fire medium laser cannons operated by a single gunner, and the six passengers also have their own medium laser. Very effective anti-infantry vehicle. Hundreds of thousands can be found on Gertragia. Heavy armor, moderately low speed.


C-11 Heavy Artillery Rocket Vehicle
C-11 HARVs used to be UWUC's main source of surface-to-surface artillery, but was confiscated by RAVEN Corps. Some were sold, others kept. Every salvo it launches contain no less than twenty high-explosive precision warheads. Moderately slow, moderately heavy armor.
D-5 Adjudicator
The D-5 Adjudicator, previously used only by UWUC do to extreme costs, are like huge mobile command centers. No, not just command centers, entire bases. These titanic tracked tanks are large enough to transport several tanks inside of them, along with two legions of infantry and enough equipment to supply three. Armed with two triple-barreled heavy Proton Cannons and eight six-barreled rapid plasma bolters. Also armed with a behemoth cannon that fires a huge metalloid shell extreme distances, which puts this vehicle in the 'artillery' class. The shell is strategic, meaning it explodes with force comparable to that of a nuclear warhead. Extremely slow, incredibly armored. Currently, four exist, all confiscated by RAVEN. It is unknown if they will be scrapped, or if production will resume.
HW-09 "Chafe" Ballistic Artillery
As the name implies, Chafes are mobile artillery cannons. They are used only by the HTU. They are armed with a large cannon that normally fires large bolts of energy incased within even larger ballistic shells. Several of them can easily barrage an UWUC base into oblivion, however they have no self-protection and must always be guarded by other forces. Low armor, low speed.
AL6 Athena Tank
Capable of being considered either artillery or a tank. The Athena Laser, being its formal non-category name, is a very large vehcile split in two sections: The weapon and cockpit in the fromt, the engine and huge battery to power the laser in the back. The laser requires an eight second charge before firing. But once it does, the fired laser can melt through just about anything, whether it be a bunker door, a Basilisk mech, or a space frigate. Unfortunately, these have virtually no armor and single tank round to the trailer will render this vehcile useless. Low speed.
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