Kiruna, just after being probed for destruction by UWUC.

Kiruna, presently nothing but a debris field, was the home planet of the sentient Teroare race. UWUC obliterated it to end a 22 year long war against the Terran Royal Army. Although this nearly brought Teroare to extinction, the race has gotten back up on its feet on New Exford.


Not very different from Earth, Kiruna had sprawling grasslands, dense forests, arid deserts, and freezing icecaps. But while Kiruna has 15% more land, and thus 15% less water, it was much closer to its natural star and Earth was to the sun. Most of the planet was tropical, snow was extremely rare in all parts of the world except for the icecaps and surrounding land, and as much as 40% of Kiruna's land was desert and Savannah. This helped distinguish Teroare age from one another, since most are born pale, but as they age, the sun would naturally tan them. Because of the tropical weather, hurricanes could affect many parts of the world.

Kiruna was also extremely rocky, and places could rapidly fluctuate fifty feet up or down. Despite the breath-taking ascends and sudden cliffs, much of the terrain was between -400 and 400 meters below sea level.

During storm season, not only were hurricanes a problem all over the globe, but lightning strikes skyrocketed during the dry days. It wasn't uncommon for night to look like day for several seconds. Maybe even a minute.


After the probing by UWUC, Kiruna exploded outward, destroying the planet's atmosphere and killing every living thing on the entire planet. However, large chunks of the planet still exist, floating in the debris field, and it's possible to look at former cities and past Teroare life if you walk on their surface, presuming you have a space suit.

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