Ilets are very similar to humans and actually share common ancestry with them. They're basically human and animal DNA combined, creating a hybrid.


Ilets vary in shapes and sizes according to their DNA. Felines are the most common, but they can have any animal DNA that is found on Earth. That also consists of myth animals, including dragons, sea serpents, phoenixes, and pegasus. Those types of DNA strands are very rare, however, but those who contain them are usually in a high place in Ilet society. The most common strands are of mammals, especially those in the feline and canine families. There are two main categories of Ilets; pure hybrids as shown right, and hybrids with more animal in them than human, as shown farther down..


Ilet are an alien species that bare much resemblance to the human race. Or should it really say the humans bare resemblance to the Ilet, being that they are the ancestors of the humans. Humans share about seventy-five percent of their basic DNA structure. The other twenty-five percent for Ilet consists of earth animal DNA. This is possible because Earth was originally the home planet of the Ilet thousands and thousands of years ago. A mutated string of DNA, which formed the humans, broke out in the population because of a change in climate. The rest of the Ilet fled to protect their original DNA strand. Throughout history, though, some Ilet would travel to Earth to check on their descendents, starting up religions and controversial topics. The whole “stereotypical” alien idea came from the suits the Ilets had to wear so their DNA wouldn’t start to mutate. As the humans started destroying Earth around the 1700s, it became an extreme rarity of Ilets being allowed to visit Earth.

Ilets with more feline in them than human.


The abilities of an Ilet ranges hugely on what species is mixed into the DNA, but are generally related directly to the regular animal's abilities. For example, vampire Ilets can heal faster but are more sensitive to the sun, while chameleon Ilets can change their skin to blend into surroundings.


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