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The Assault on SIgma was the first battle that started the war with the Evoknights in the Jexian Galaxy. The unprepared defenders could not muster a defense great enough to defend themselves, resulting in total devestation.


The Evoknight's attacked without warning and werern't in the least bit provoked. Some of their huge ships used extremely powerful lasers that cut all the way to Sigma's molten core, thus creating numerous lava fields that engulfed entire cities. The ships barraged the area with lasers until they finally launched a massive ground invasion, which conquered or suppressed almost all of Sigma's remaining military forces. All sources of interplanetary communication was destroyed, so any survivors couldn't contact different planets to request assistance. Most forms of telecommunication were also destroyed.Many UWUC patrols were around the galaxy, and a very common waypoint was Sigma. The massive Evoknight fleets simply obliterated the UWUC patrols before they even knew what was gong on.


Those that weren't able to get a spaceship to take them off Sigma were stranded, as the whole planet was quickly surrounded by the Evoknight ships. Knowing that their lasers had done their jobs, the Evoknight's attacked the ground with their infantry units, striking fear in the hearts of all of the citizens, and putting down any resistances that could be found.

Eight months later, the Jexian Entente launched a massive counterattack with the goal to take back Sigma. Although the Evoknights were minimally defeated, Sigma had gone through for too much damage, and there were no hopes of saving the planet. Sigma collapsed in on itself, then wildly detonated. The planet and everyone on it ceased to exist.

The Teroare, a race which had risen beyond near extinction just a couple decades before, recieved a devastating blow from the Evoknights. During the initial invasion, approximately 60% of Teroare on Sigma were killed on that day alone. The following several months saw the demise of another 30%, while the evac got roughly 4% off the planet. The rest of the Teroare were killed in the implosion. Teroare were thus assigned once more to the endangered species list.

29% of the Chromakan species survived the onslaught, and nearly 27% were sent to the rogue planet of Tortuga. Every single Protokin, who were extremely rare on Sigma in the first place and could hardly survive the brutal heat the Evoknight lasers caused, were killed. Ilets saw a general 13% survival rate. Wormholemancers, 17%. Galaxior, 1%.

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